• We believe that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed

  • We believe that life begins at conception and represents a gift from God.

  • Simply put, our government - at all levels - is a massive overreach into American lives, stagnating our economy, violating the principles of liberty that our country was founded upon.

  • We believe that Obamacare should be completely repealed, immediately.

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We're focused on restoring conservative values back into American life once again by holding Washington's feet to the fire on issues that will improve our lives - and the lives of our children.

We will use every means available to us to educate the public and urge our leaders to take immediate, direct action for change.

We're not here to be polite, to make friends, or to visit the smoky backrooms of Washington politics - we're here to fight.

Our current key issues include:

If you believe in our vision, please sign up for our updatessend off some letters and emails to the White House, to Congress, and to your state officeholderstell your friends, and help us move this country back towards conservative, wholesome, American values.